Scrat Cats
Every Hour Changes

Hey guys the Scrat Cats blog changes characters every hour. We won’t be on all the time but when we are things get fun!!

People who you talk to in the following times -

1:00am Jaguar Jagurah

2:00am Cheetah Cheetahra

3:00am Tigra Trevor

4:00am Thunder Leo

5:00am Ocellotto Kaze

6:00am Lynx Truesdale

7:00am Krystle Truesdale

8:00am Puma Truesdale

9:00am Selina Truesdale

10:00am Breeze Truesdale

11:00am Vira Liyon

12:00pm Cheetrah Cheetahra

13:00pm Jaguar Jagurah

14:00pm Cheetah Cheetahra

15:00pm Tigra Trevor

16:00pm Thunder Leo

17:00pm Ocellotto Kaze

18:00pm Lynx Truesdale

19:00pm Krystle Truesdale

20:00pm Puma Truesdale

21:00pm Selina Truesdale

22:00pm Breeze Truesdale

23:00pm Vira Liyon

00:00am Cheetrah Cheetahra

this is set in Britain’s timeline